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You believe the things you see.

Ido Lazarovich, the brains behind Kuxe CBD believes. After his father was diagnosed with Cancer, he did the best he could. He gave him the best doctors, the best hospitals and the best treatments. But Cancer is a different beast. Ido’s father was suffering. He lost his appetite, had frequent mood swings and constant pain – on top of the knowledge that his life might end any second. He felt as if cancer has consumed his life, as if the treatment was more of a burden than a cure. Unable to see his father suffer, Ido looked for alternatives and found promising research on CBD. So, he decided to take a chance. He got his father CBD oil and the results were instant. He started eating, his mood improved and his pain dwindled. CBD made him a believer.

Armed with first hand experience of the anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-psychotic properties of CBD, Ido decided to leverage his experience of founding and expanding one of the biggest vape franchises in the United States to create Kuxe CBD. World class products created by top notch scientists. So, the only question is: Are you ready to believe?

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